October 16, 2021

Sony will bring Days Gone to PC in the spring and other PS exclusives will follow later

Sony brings Days Gone to PC. The game will be released sometime in the spring, although the exact release date is unknown. Sony says it plans to release many more console exclusives for PC in the future.

More PlayStation exclusives are coming to PC, starting with Days Gone this spring - VG247

There would be ‘a whole line’ of games for PC that were initially exclusively playable on the PlayStation, says Sony America CEO Jim Ryan in an interview with GQ . He does not mention specific titles, but Ryan refers to the success of Horizon Zero Dawn that was released for PC last year. “People liked that and bought the game. We also monitored the reactions of PlayStation players and they had no resistance,” he says.

One of the games coming out for PC is Days Gone, a game that came out in 2019. Days Gone is now one of twenty titles that players get with a PlayStation Plus subscription. According to Ryan, the game will come to PC ‘in the spring’, but he does not mention a specific release date.

Ryan further refers to the economics surrounding game development. “There is an opportunity to bring games to a wider audience. The cost of making games keeps going up. At the same time, it’s getting easier for us to make them available to non-console owners. So it’s a logical decision for us. . ”

Ryan also acknowledges the problems with PlayStation 5 availability. He sees several reasons for the shortages. The major shortages in the chip industry, which also affects the PC market and, for example, the car industry, is a problem for Sony.

In addition, the coronavirus has made production more difficult, Ryan says. “We had to move to a distribution model that went completely online, and that’s something we haven’t had to do before,” he says. Ultimately, the high demand for consoles also plays a role. Ryan says nothing about better availability of the PS5. “We work as we always have, and stocks are increasing monthly. We are trying hard to scale up production, but that’s all I can say about that.”