October 16, 2021

Steam gamers played 50 percent more and bought 21 percent more in 2020

Figures from Valve on the use of Steam show that gaming has experienced significant growth in 2020. The total number of playing hours of all users together was 50.7 percent higher than a year earlier and 21.4 percent more games were sold.

Steam had spikes of 120.4 million monthly active users and 62.6 million daily active players in the past year , Valve reports . Last year, the number of monthly active users was 95 million. In 2020, not only have many gamers been added, but existing users have also spent more time on games.

Valve states that Steam saw growth in early 2020, even before the corona pandemic broke out, but when that happened and people increasingly stayed at home due to lockdown measures, the numbers went up drastically.

Steam also reached a new peak in the number of simultaneous players of 24.8 million. There were 2.6 million users per month who made their first purchase on the games platform. The total playing time of all users in the whole of 2020 is 31.3 billion hours, which is 50.7 percent higher than the total playing time a year earlier.

The number of games purchased was 21.4 percent higher than the previous year. As a result of the growth, Steam’s data traffic increased significantly to 25.2 Exabytes for the full year. With the release of Cyberpunk 2077, a peak of 52Tbit / s was recorded.

Steam Stats 2020

Steam added 1.7 million new VR users in 2020 and VR game revenue increased 71 percent. That’s largely thanks to Half-Life: Alyx, that game accounted for 39 percent of sales growth. 104 million SteamVR play sessions were held throughout the year and lasted an average of 32 minutes. Total playing time was 30 percent longer than last year.

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More and more players are using a controller to play Steam games. There are 46.6 million users with a controller, compared to 31.8 million at the end of 2019. In 2020, 1.68 billion game sessions were started with a controller, a growth of 66.6 percent from the previous year.

The Steam Game Festivals, in which free demos are playable, are also becoming more popular. In the spring, 0.6 million demos were activated during such an event, in the summer edition there were 3.1 million and in the autumn festival 5.1 million.