October 29, 2021

Tesla update lets users customize horn

Tesla cars are getting an update that allows users to adjust the sound of their car’s horn. Users can also play audio outside of the car. Due to regulations, use of the function is probably not allowed in the EU.

Toot your own horn: Elon Musk hints that Tesla owners will be able to choose custom horn sounds | Daily Mail Online

The so-called Boombox feature is part of Tesla update 2020.48.26 , which also adds three games that can be played when the vehicle is stationary. The Boombox function is available for cars that have an external speaker, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter . Tesla vehicles produced since September 1, 2019 should have such a speaker, Teslarati also writes .

The update allows users to play audio outside of the car, among other things. This can be done when the vehicle is stationary, in motion, or is paged via summon mode. The horn can also be adjusted. Standard options include the music of an ice cream truck and La Cucaracha. Users also have the option of adding up to five of their own sounds via USB, Teslarati writes . Furthermore, users can use the emmissions testing mode outside of the car after the update . With that, the Tesla car produces fart noises.

Tesla states in the description of the Boombox feature that users should “consult local laws first” before using the feature. For example, in the EU it is not allowed to make abnormal noises when the Tesla car is driving at low speed. Since July 2019 , new electric cars have been required to produce an artificial sound at low speeds, but this sound must sound like a traditional combustion engine.

From July 2021, all electric cars must have such a system. Different horns are also prohibited in the Netherlands. It is not clear how Tesla will deal with these regulations. It is also not known whether the position will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Tweakers has questions about this at Tesla.

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