October 16, 2021

Journey to Mars can ruin the sight of astronauts

Do you dream of traveling to Mars? It is not certain that our eyes can withstand traveling so far into space.

It’s a long way to Mars.So far, humans have not traveled beyond the moon. To Mars, it is over 50 million kilometers longer.But more space organizations and humans want to travel to Mars. Astronauts in particular are impatient to study this planet.Now it may seem that researchers must disappoint them. It may be that their eyes will not tolerate it.

The eye is changing in space

Swedish and American scientists have studied 22 astronauts. One group was in space for two weeks, another group for six months.Before and after they left the room, they were examined by a special camera, which is called a magnetic resonance camera .The researchers found that changes occur in the eye and in the optic nerve when the astronauts are out in space.These changes became greater the longer they were weightless.

Gravity keeps us in place

We humans have evolved to live on earth – and thus also for gravity.When we stand and walk on the ground, gravity ensures that we stay on the ground.But if you board a spacecraft on your way to Mars or the moon, you will lose weight. You can hover around and no longer get help from gravity.A weightless condition presents the body with several challenges.For example , a study shows that astronauts have had problems with blood flow from the brain when they have been out in space.

Gets worse vision in the room

It has long been known that astronauts have poorer eyesight.Their vision may deteriorate long after they return to earth.The reason is that in a weightless state, the balance between the brain and the eye changes.The researchers believe that increased pressure around the brain via the optic nerve is transferred to the eye and that it can no longer resist.If the astronauts embark on even longer space travel than those made so far, their vision may be destroyed forever, the scientists believe.