October 16, 2021

Top Most 10 Popular Internet Of Things (Iot) APIs

The application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has made our houses, cities, cars, businesses, and workplaces more and more intelligent. Developers who want to create IoT applications and IoT integrated devices can use ProgrammableWeb (https://www.programmableweb.com/) to find hundreds of suitable application programming interfaces or APIs to help them better complete their work.

ProgrammableWeb is a global API aggregation resource website. Whether for beginners or technicians engaged in Internet development for many years and third-party data providers, ProgrammableWeb is a good learning platform. Not only can you find relevant APIs It is possible to find more than 20,000 API data. It is a very powerful platform.

The IoT API enables applications to read sensors and analyze smart city or smart campus data, automate home appliances, use voice commands to manage nearby devices, automate smart cars, manage edge computing, manage manufacturing and industrial equipment, and more.

There are more than 300 APIs in the IoT category on ProgrammableWeb. Today, we share ten popular IoT APIs based on the website’s focus.

1. Garmin Health API

The Garmin Health API enables developers to leverage health and activity data collected from Garmin wearables. Includes data on activity steps, sleep time, calories burned, heart rate, stress, body composition, and more, and monitors up to thirty activities including running, cycling, paddle board surfing, swimming, and more.

2. Google Assistant API

Google Assistant can be embedded in the device to enable voice control, hot word detection, natural language understanding, or other smart services. The Google Assistant API provides a way to manage and talk to devices. Google Assistant provides voice control for mobile applications, smart speakers, smart displays, cars, watches, laptops, TVs, and other Google Home devices, including Nest. Users can use this API and SDK to search Google for information about weather, sports, traffic, news, flights, etc., add reminders, manage tasks, and control smart home devices.

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3. Withings API

Withings is a company focused on developing connected measurement devices (such as weight scales and blood pressure monitors) that send health information directly to the Internet. Withings Body Index Service API (WBS API) is a set of web services that allows developers and third parties to have limited access to user-related activities, cardiac ECG (or EKG), sleep cycles, and more.

4. Home Assistant API

Home Assistant is an open source home automation platform that can track and control devices in the home. Home Assistant REST provides access to Home Assistant control service data. It allows returning the current configuration, basic information about the Home Assistant application, all the data needed for booting, an array of event objects, and more. The Home Assistant Server Event Stream API allows users to use events sent by the server. And also provides Home Assistant WebSocket service.

5.Unofficial Tesla Model S API

The Tesla Model S JSON API is not the official Tesla API, but it is based on Tesla Model S and provides documentation for iOS and Android applications. This API helps developers in the automotive industry to control multiple cars, as logged-in users can add multiple cars at once. The unofficial Tesla Model S API works like a remote control on a mobile phone. Its vehicle control device can charge the car, flash lights, honk, and get status reports about battery charging and door opening.

6. Ubidots API

Ubidots provides a platform for developers to easily capture sensor data and turn it into useful information. The Ubidots platform can send data to the cloud from any internet-enabled device. Developers can then configure actions and alarms based on real-time data and visualization tools. In addition, the Ubidots REST API allows users to read and write data to available resources using data sources, variables, statistics, events, and observations.

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7. Apple HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit provides a platform for communicating with devices, applications and services. Using Siri, iPhone users can control supported devices at home. Including lights, thermostats, garage doors, etc. can be controlled by voice. Apple HomeKit API (https://www.programmableweb.com/sdk/apple-ios8) is accessible through the Apple iOS8 SDK.

8. Caret API

Caret is a service that provides automatic status sharing triggered by device sensors. Using the Caret API, users can leverage their smart device sensors and interconnect them with third-party devices and applications to automate customizable state-sharing services.

9. Amazon Alexa Home Skills API

The Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skills API enables developers to enable Alexa voice interactions and transfer messages to cloud-enabled devices. At the same time, the API enables developers to enable Alexa’s skills to control TVs, alarms, door locks, lights, and any number of other smart home devices.

10. Wink API

Wink is an application that can synchronize with home automation equipment to adjust lighting, curtains, climate, key locks, etc. Wink also sells Wink HUB hardware components that support communication with devices with multiple network communication protocols, including Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Lutron ClearConnect, and Kidde. The RESTful Wink API is hosted through Apiary and allows Wink devices to communicate with users, other applications, and the Web.

Of course, the above APIs are just a few of the more concerned representatives. On ProgrammableWeb, there are more than 390 AIPs in the IoT category, including 420 SDKs and 370 source code examples.