October 16, 2021

TransIP is increasing prices of .org domains and many other unique TLDs

TransIP increases the prices of most unique top-level domains. The .nl, .com and .net domains keep the same price, but specific domain names ending in, for example, .space or .shop become more expensive. .Org domains are also becoming more expensive.

TransIP TLDs

The price differences of TransIP differ per extension. The price will increase from 338 TLDs in total. The biggest price difference is in the domain names .attorney and .lawyer, which increase by 63 percent from 39 euros to 63.49 euros. For domains ending in .cooking and .webcam, this is a small increase from 35 to 35.49 euros.

After the price increase, customers pay EUR 17.49 per year for a .org domain name. That is now 12.50 euros. The new prices range from 9.49 euros for the .ml domain to .storage and .security, for which users have to pay 904.49 and 3351.49 euros respectively.

All prices that TransIP has put online are per year and without VAT. The price increases will take effect on May 31. Generic domain names, such as .com and .net and domain names of most countries, including .nl, .be, keep the same prices.