October 29, 2021

Treat cancer by activating the self-destruction process

Scientists from Centenary Research Institute (Australia) have developed a new strategy to fight melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, that is to make them … self-destruct.

Through the study, the Scientists discovered that using drugs to inhibit two specific proteins, can help kill melanoma cells, by causing them to trigger the death process. program. This new approach is considered a “lifesaver” for patients with this type of cancer, but is not responding to existing immunotherapy.
“The activation of programmed death in melanoma cells has been shown to be a very difficult task, because these cells possess a large number of programmed anti-death proteins, also known as preservative proteins,” he said. “These protective proteins will help melanoma cells survive and, in some cases, resist even advanced drugs,” said Dr. Hsin-Yi Tseng, representative of the research team. “.
In this study, the authors have simultaneously inhibited 2 proteins, MCl1 and BET. These 2 proteins both play a key role in protecting and supporting melanoma cells in the human body.
“Our research has shown that the combination of inhibitors of proteins BET and MCL1 has brought about the effect of killing melanoma cells. The protective ability of BET and MCL1 has been significantly reduced, so that the autolysis in cancer cells is activated ”- Dr. Hsin-Yi Tseng analyzed.
According to the expert, laboratory tests on human melanoma cells and mouse tests have shown promising results, motivating the authors to develop research steps