October 22, 2021

US To investigates 30 crashes involving self-driving Teslas

The US Road Safety Authority has opened 30 investigations into accidents involving Tesla cars that may have involved the autopilot function. A total of ten people were killed in the accidents.

Crashes Raise Questions About Tesla's Autopilot | Transport Topics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also known as NHTSA, has shared the list of investigations with Reuters. It concerns thirty accidents that took place since 2016 and where it is suspected that the autopilot was engaged. Tesla declined to comment on the investigations into the crashes to Reuters.

It is the first time the NHTSA has announced the number of investigations into these types of incidents involving Tesla cars in the US. Some studies have already been completed. In three of the thirty cases, the autopilot function was not the cause of the accident, according to the authority.

The autopilot takes over a number of tasks from the driver when engaged. The driver must keep one hand on the wheel, but the National Transportation Safety Board is critical. Drivers are allowed to take their hands off the wheel for too long according to the organization.

The list, owned by Reuters, also included four investigations into cars other than Teslas. It would concern cars of the brands Cadillac, Lexus, Navya and Volvo. Driver assistance may also have been enabled in accidents involving these cars.