October 16, 2021

What is soul food? Its importance in a healthy life

When we talk about food, we generally refer to those foods that we serve on our plate and reiterate the importance of nourishing the body , however, it is not the only one that needs attention.

We all know that we are what we eat and as our appreciated Hippocrates said at the time , you must seek “that food be your food and food your medicine.” But to what extent we are clear and present in our day to day … and beyond, to what extent we consider not only physiological food, but also our personal relationships and the energy that we feed on.

Today I will talk to you about a concept that is super important to me: ” soul food .” Well, just as it is essential for our health to take care of what we eat , it is just as important to watch what we surround ourselves with, what we let affect and guide us every day.

t is useless to eat broccoli every day , at every meal, if we surround ourselves with toxic people and relationships , or if we do not love ourselves or put our lives aside. For this reason, before taking care of the food we eat, we must take a good look at how the food of our soul is . It is important to analyze how everything around us makes us feel and identify what is and is not good for us.

With this we will learn to know each other and with this approach to ourselves we will begin to appreciate ourselves as we deserve: that’s right, each one of us is incredible and super valuable, we just need to realize it and take out everything we have inside, which is wonderful.

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When we take this step, and understand and experience self-love , the rest is much easier. By loving each other we wish the best for ourselves in all fields and this includes food; that is, we will be more cautious with what we eat and we will know how to make our food our medicine with much more enthusiasm.

Here are some tips to help you identify if you are satisfied with your soul food. And never forget that love and a healthy life start with yourself; just by putting ourselves first we can transmit happiness, health and love to others.

Tricks to appreciate and balance our “soul food”

1. Think about the 5 people closest to you and what they bring you. Having a close circle that loves, supports and appreciates you is essential in life.

2. Look in the mirror and describe what you see out loud. This will help you to perceive how you look and change what does not convince you. Always try to appreciate yourself in the process and treat yourself with love because you are worth a lot.

3. Analyze how many times you smile a day. If it is less than 5 times, try to change it: a smile is the best food for the soul both for the one who gives it and for the one who receives it.

4. How many times a day do you tell yourself how much you are worth? If you don’t, start doing it! Your opinion of yourself is the one that matters most in the world: love yourself.

5. How many things a day do you do for yourself? Try to do something for yourself at least once a day.

6. Finally: how many times a day do you take a deep breath and appreciate the moment to breathe? The oxygenation in the brain is very important, especially to have mental clarity, so try to take deep breaths and be aware of it several times a day. It is something so simple and so necessary.

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In conclusion: we are what we eat, but also what we do and think, so let’s make all this the medicine for our soul and the key to our happiness.