October 16, 2021

What should I do on the day that I come off diet?

It is normal for people to adjust their healthy habits for a long time. “Go back to the old” or return to the traditional lifestyle That is the root cause of many health problems Today, let’s look at some guidelines and tips that will enable us to sustain healthy behaviors.

Revisit their own health problems

Each person has different health problems and risks. A review of the reasons for making healthy behavioral adjustments emphasizes that What is needed to do for myself? Which is to value oneself And more likely to have success in behavior modification

Plan a menu or prepare it in advance.

Planning in advance what to eat each day will help make your diet easier. Because we will plan to buy food And prevent the problem of buying food outside the plan Because in real life after we have been exhausted all day We often fall off and buy food that we are not foreseen. Planning to stock up on ready-to-eat food Warm to eat Convenient, easy to prepare Or even snacks such as cereals, fruits, and milk in the refrigerator will help to maintain a healthy eating habits.

Beware of excessive self-restriction

Forcing oneself to avoid certain foods Even if it’s something like it can cause problems in the long run. We will feel cravings and may consume in excess when given the opportunity. Or when patience is over Combine your favorite foods with a balanced, healthy meal. By using the principle of “adjust” instead of “abstain”, that is, reduce the craving for food that is not good for health And add even more healthy food Will be able to choose to eat happily and healthy in the long run Both physical and mental health

Don’t attach yourself to rewarding yourself with eating what you enjoy.

Many people reward themselves for accomplishing things by “eating,” which is in fact improper behavior. Because it ties happiness with eating Create conditions that normal eating It does not create happiness as much as eating what you really like. In spite of the fact that we can enjoy eating every meal. As well as we can include food that we like to eat Without condition Therefore, self-rewarding should be changed to another way, such as your favorite sports equipment. Course of Interest Passionate technology equipment Indulging yourself in dressing or buying clothes, etc.

Do behaviors that are acceptable It doesn’t have to be the best or the perfect.

We have to separate “things to do” and “things we want to be” . Because of that desire for health Of course, no one wants to suffer from illness. But behavioral adjustments in exchange for good health, such as choosing to eat as recommended. Increasing physical activity or physical activity can lead to feelings of reluctance, fatigue, embarrassment, or tolerance to offensive behaviors.

We may need to adjust some of our behavior to be on the “moderation”, for  example, we all know better than eating fried food. It often causes the body to receive large amounts of saturated fat. And can cause high blood cholesterol If that person likes to eat fried food It is impossible to cut off at all. If you can, it will only be a short time before returning to eat to make up for the time that was lost again. “The moderation of behavior” is understood as eating. Eat fried food for some days in moderation. Eat together with food that is cooked in other ways. Will reduce the amount of fat in the meal By also eating fried foods as they like before And reduce the quantity by oneself understandably

At the heart of behavior adjustment for health Lies in sustainability in continuous practice And understand the behavior Their own preferences This will help prevent the abolition of healthy behaviors. And able to maintain continuity of behavioral adjustment for health

However, do not forget to check your own health with a simple method. Regularly such as weighing (If there are scales that measure more weight such as fat%, better muscle), waist circumference and blood pressure. When to find that the values Out of norm Will have to hurry to remind yourself to adjust the behavior and bring yourself back