October 24, 2021

What To Pay Attention In This Wild Spring ?

Let ’s take a look at a few points to pay attention to in the spring to help you raise your liver.

  • Pay attention to the intensity and speed of exercise

  In spring, when the weather is warmer, many people will begin to go out to exercise, to drive away drowsiness and improve physical activity. In addition, insisting on exercise can help the circulation of qi and blood, so that the liver can better nourish qi and blood.   

However, it is important to note that because of the cold weather in winter, many people do not exercise in the winter, do not exercise for a winter, and many functions of the body are still “hibernating.” If you exercise at this time in the spring, you need to be slower. Pay attention to the intensity and speed of the exercise to avoid discomfort. Among them, jogging, walking and other slower sports are recommended.   

  • Pay attention to keep your mood comfortable   

Peace of mind can help Can Help You to increase your liver, without liver depression. Everything springs up in spring, flowers and plants are rushing to grow, a vibrant scene. It is recommended to go out and see the good scenery of nature to help adjust your mood.  

 For example, when you are not working at the weekend, you can meet friends or take your family to go green, outing, mountain climbing, etc., you can enjoy the spring and smell the flowers along the way. , Naturally can keep your mood smooth.

  • Pay attention to ensure sleep
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  Having good sleep will allow you to have a healthy liver. Because good sleep can effectively regulate the human brain and the entire body system. Under high quality sleep, the liver can get a good rest.

  If you often stay up late and don’t sleep at midnight , it will easily lead to a strong liver fire, which is naturally not good for liver health. Therefore, in the spring, it is important to ensure that you have enough high-quality sleep.

  How to Raise your liver with diet ?

  1. Balance nutrition

What to pay attention to in the spring to eat liver

  Any energy acquisition needs to come from food . If you want to be healthy, all major organs have power to operate. You must pay attention to your diet and recommend a balanced nutrition. If you want to nourish your liver, you should take more protein, energy, vitamins, etc., especially protein, vitamins.

  Because the regeneration of liver cells requires heat, and protein can help the repair of liver cells, which is an essential element of the human body. In addition, vitamin intake can activate the function of the liver. Therefore, if you want to nourish your liver, you must ensure nutritional balance.

  2. Drink plenty of water

  In daily life, women must drink plenty of water, because doing so can promote blood circulation and increase the vitality of liver cells. It can also help to eliminate some metabolites in the body, which is better for our liver. And it is windy in spring, and the body and skin are prone to lack of water. Therefore, women must drink plenty of boiling water in spring.

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  3. Avoid spicy food

  Some women in life like to eat spicy food, because eating spicy food can make people more appetite. However, women should avoid spicy food when nourishing their livers in the spring, because this kind of food will cause anger, cause dryness in the body, and damage the liver. Therefore, when you nourish liver in spring, you should not eat spicy foods such as pepper and pepper.