October 16, 2021

WhatsApp is planning a new feature that we have wanted for a long time

WhatsApp has taken the world by storm. Over time, however, you will notice a lot of photos, videos and other files that unnecessarily clog your smartphone. WhatsApp is now planning a feature that can be used to clean up. GIGA has the details for you.

WhatsApp Plans New Memory Management

The flood of data that WhatsApp produces on the cell phone can take on very large dimensions. If you have been using WhatsApp for a number of years and have always taken all photos, videos, text messages and files with you to new cell phones via data backup, you can add up to a few gigabytes. WhatsApp shows in the settings how much data you have saved in the respective chat, but nothing more. Now the messenger wants to improve according to WABetaInfo.

In a future version of WhatsApp, a memory management similar to that known from your smartphone will be integrated. The memory used is displayed there based on the internal memory of the mobile phone. Photos, videos and other data are highlighted more clearly.

WhatsApp can also suggest data that is no longer used or that takes up a lot of storage space. So far, for example, you could simply delete all photos in a chat. The new function is supposed to be more intelligent and only remove what is really no longer needed. Large and forwarded files come into focus. So you can decide directly whether you really need the file on your mobile phone and can simply delete it quickly if necessary. Often you don’t even know exactly

When will the new WhatsApp feature appear?

As always with such leaks, the new file management for WhatsApp is still under development. The information seems to be very detailed and the feature is almost finished, but with WhatsApp you can never say exactly when a new function will really be integrated. GIGA will inform you when the time comes.

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