October 22, 2021

WhatsApp Pay is being rolled out more widely in India, what does that mean for us?

WhatsApp has been granted permission to expand WhatsApp Pay payment functionality in India. This allows even more residents in the country to send money via WhatsApp . The payment function is not yet available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Pay with WhatsApp

The company has been testing WhatsApp payments in the region since 2018, but has been unable to further expand the payment function since then. With regulatory approval in place, WhatsApp can take it a step further with its ambitions in India.

According to WhatsApp , transferring money with WhatsApp Pay is a safe payment experience. In addition, it would be as simple as sending a message in the chat app: “Whether you’re sending money to family members, or settling a restaurant bill, even more people can send money without carrying cash, or to a local bank. to go.” In India, the service works together with the so-called ‘Unified Payments Interface’ of that country, a payment platform that all banks work with.

WhatsApp Pay is being rolled out more widely in India, what does that mean for us?

What does this mean for us?

Chat apps are becoming increasingly important worldwide. You can’t just send more messages with it for a long time now. The Chinese WeChat is the best example of this. You can see this chat app as a combination of Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. So it is a social network and chat app in one. You can also use the app for financial transactions. Think of a taxi, ordering food or groceries, buying train tickets and airline tickets, booking hotels or buying call credit.

Payment solution WhatsApp Pay is being rolled out in more countries

WeChat therefore plays an extremely important role in China. The use even goes so far that business contact also takes place via the app instead of via e-mail. You can of course also partly explain this popularity by the fact that many alternatives, including Facebook, are blocked in the country. More than 1.2 billion people now use the app.

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With WhatsApp pushing its boundaries in India, the rest of the world is of course open to Facebook. WhatsApp Pay is currently available in India and Brazil and last year Facebook asked whether there would be interest in such a payment service in the other countries. The chance that more countries will soon be able to pay with WhatsApp is now getting closer.

Would you like to make payments via WhatsApp or do you already use other services?