October 16, 2021

WhatsApp price shock: Messenger will soon cost money

WhatsApp has announced that it will soon be charging a fee for its services. Fortunately, not all users are affected by this.

For two years now, not only friends and family have been chatting on WhatsApp , but also companies with their customers. WhatsApp Business calls Facebook the division of its messenger. Companies use them, for example, to handle their customer service not only via email and telephone, but also via WhatsApp . Even more is possible, believes parent company Facebook and wants to change WhatsApp business comprehensively: Messenger should mutate into a shopping platform. Accordingly, in the future consumers will find out about products in the chat and buy them there. The messenger told Techcrunch that it would introduce a “Buy” button.

WhatsApp business: hosting via Facebook

According to WhatsApp , this is particularly interesting for smaller companies, which the corona pandemic hit particularly hard. If companies choose WhatsApp as a means of communication, they have previously hosted the chats themselves. According to the media report , this service will be taken over by third-party providers in the future. WhatsApp relies on the parent company Facebook and takes over its offer of hosters for its own solutions. In addition, business customers will incur costs for some of the new features in the future. WhatsApp did not reveal how high they are . It is also not known when the new functions will come. Whatsapp only declares to introduce it in the next few months. Nothing changes for normal chatters. You can still exchange the latest gossip with friends and family via WhatsApp for free.