October 29, 2021

WhatsApp suffers badly that it aged Facebook and Discord proves it

While WhatsApp decides whether to activate the vacation mode or not, a new messaging app has not stopped growing and has ousted one of the stars of the Facebook universe, thanks to its innovation.
  • The messaging market has consolidated in the market, due to the ease it provides in communication between brands.
  • An element that we cannot lose sight of in the middle of the messaging market is the capacity that this platform has to innovate.
  • Starting from innovation has been fundamental in messaging and in the development of apps that facilitate this task.

The task of communicating has become a powerful industry for thousands of developers with very few brands, who have been able to maintain leadership within this segment.

A very significant element in this task is the one that has starred in the development of products for very specific segments.

This has made Slack a key platform in remote work during the contingency in which we find ourselves and that has led companies like Microsoft to imitate its business proposal with a Teams that has tried to consolidate itself in the taste of millions that they have to work on said development, imposed in their offices.

The common feature in these business proposals is the combination and how from the interaction with users it has been possible to establish a very important communication benchmark, which has been able to speak of the value that brands have found in communicating.

When it comes to communication, a fundamental aspect in this work is to think of a strategy.

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For example, offices turn to messaging platforms because they seek to organize, manage their internal talent with all kinds of resources, to manage time, among other elements.

Other apps such as Discord are focusing on communication between communities and the goal is achieving it so well, that they have overshadowed stars in the sky, which like Facebook, have had to focus on the billions of users with developments such as stickers or controversial community policies.

Discord shines with its own light before WhatsApp

While WhatsApp worries if it activates its “vacation mode”, a competing app has grown so much that it has become the most downloaded messaging application in the App Store, according to a projection by Sensor Tower and it is not just any title, considering that WhatsApp has It has been leading the messaging market for years, although its commercial proposal remained a portrait of innovation, with which it surprised with its launch on the market.

This aging effect, such as that experienced by Facebook, which has not been able to combat the innovation of Snapchat or the virality of TikTok, seems to be spreading it to other apps in its universe, such as WhatsApp.

We are going to review a series of data to understand why this concept of an aging WhatsApp.

Discord is a private and encrypted messaging app that owes its popularity due to the usability it has had among the gamer community.

Within this platform, users have their own servers to be able to have conversations with their communities and it is thanks to an update that communication within this platform has been facilitated, which is why message management has been made much more practical , thanks to the fact that it has intuitive technology, which makes it easier to “speak” within it, as the developers of this app promise, so they have simplified their system, which allows anyone to create a server and thereby increase the communities that are created within this development.

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An element that characterizes this development is that instead of solving whether stickers are allowed within its messages, it has focused on updating to correct errors and increase the capacity of audios and videos by up to 200 percent.

In an estimate of specialized media, it was said that Discord had more than 13 million 500 thousand active servers in the world and had an average of 26 billion minutes of conversation per week.