October 16, 2021

WhatsApp will warn users if a conversation is not encrypted

On Thursday (22), WhatsApp announced a series of news for its Business platform, aimed at commercial and corporate use. However, among so many new features, one of them ended up going unnoticed and was not even mentioned in the official announcement of the application itself: soon, it will start to warn you if you are in a message that is not protected with end-to-end encryption .

Matt Idema, WhatsApp’s chief operating officer, gave the information during an interview quoted by Reuters. According to the executive, when talking to a company that is using the new hosting services (and that, in this way, possibly stores the chat history elsewhere outside the app servers), the Business end user will be notified that the protection encryption may not be available.

Today, by default, any and all messages exchanged between WhatsApp users are protected by encryption. However, there are already several professional tools that mediate the process of managing a corporate profile of WhatsApp Business – companies that adopt this type of solution may end up sacrificing the messenger’s protection infrastructure by placing one more point in the communication medium.

With the new hosting features, this is likely to become more common – hence the advantage of having a notification about the security level of the conversation.

Source: Reuters