October 16, 2021

Which apps suck the battery of Android smartphones the most?

The most common complaint about smartphone performance is related to battery life.

After a while, users start to complain that their phone’s battery lasts shorter than when they bought it, that some applications consume too much electricity and that they are not satisfied with the device because it “shuts down too quickly”.

The solution to this problem lies in a few very simple moves in terms of user habits as well as the software itself.

When was the last time you checked which apps are consuming your battery the most?

It’s time to go to Options. Apps want to consume battery power – some so much that they begin to compromise the normal user experience. No one wants to reach for the charger several times a day, but going for a new battery is also not the only solution.

Apps like Messenger, Snapchat or Snapseed consume a lot of battery, and the reason is the ads – primarily because the smartphone consumes power to load them all. If the ad is poorly designed, it can consume a lot of electricity.

Other apps want to “refresh” in the background, which means they drain your battery even when your Android is locked. Finally, there are video streaming applications that consume a lot of energy because the screen is on all the time and often takes up to an hour.

These applications consume the most:








Google Maps

If the battery does not last you all day, reduce consumption with the following modifications, just make sure these tricks only work on Android 9 and later versions. To begin with, reduce the time after which the screen turns off. Go to  Settings  and select  Display> Advanced> Screen timeout . There select an interval of half a minute. Then lower the screen brightness. Just drag from the top of the screen to the bottom and move the slider to the left. If you want to instruct your smartphone to change the brightness as needed, turn on the adaptive lighting by going to  Display> Adaptive brightness .

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Finally, you can turn off the sound and vibration of the keyboard. All you have to do is go to Options and select  Sound> Advanced  where you can turn off the sound or vibration. Once you have set the sound, it is time to turn off options such as mobile hotspot or, if you want, turn off automatic Wi-Fi connection.

What about “hungry” apps?

Although we have listed the most popular applications that consume the most battery, the culprit in your case may be something else. If you are not sure which application is doing the most damage, open the options and go to  Battery> More (three-point menu)> Battery usage . Once you know who is consuming the most power, you can easily use them less, unless you are sure that you will soon be able to connect your phone to a charger.

Source:  kajgana.com