October 22, 2021

Why Do I Always Get Sleepy In Spring? Eat 3 Types Of Food

 As the saying goes, spring is difficult and autumn is short and summer is snoring. In spring, many people will become sleepy. Spring is coming, the sweat pores of the human body have been opened, and the blood supply required is increased, but the oxygen supply to the brain is insufficient, and spring sleepiness such as drowsiness and physical fatigue may occur. This phenomenon is also normal, but sometimes it may affect our work and learning.

  In winter, in order to resist the cold, our body will automatically close the sweat pores. In spring, sweat pores will open, and many people may find that they can survive the cold of winter, but they can’t adapt to the warm and cold spring. Pores dilate and blood flow on the surface increases, so the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced. In addition, in the spring, the metabolism gradually became stronger and the body’s oxygen consumption increased, which also caused a relatively insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. These changes inhibited brain excitement, and various reactions to spring sleep appeared.

  In the face of spring difficulties, we cannot ignore them, after all, most people have to work and study. Work and study, regardless of whether you have spring difficulties, but also need to complete work and study with high quality. This requires us to solve all kinds of troubles in spring, and make corresponding adjustments in diet and exercise.

  Increase your B vitamin intake

  B-group deficiency and improper diet are important causes of spring difficulties. B vitamins are a series of groups such as B1, B2, B6, B12, etc. Most of them participate in a kind of metabolism of the human body, that is, energy metabolism. They have the effect of accelerating energy metabolism, and efficient energy metabolism will provide our brain and body with sufficient energy and produce a feeling of energy. Therefore, B vitamins are also called “anti-fatigue nutrients”. Surveys show that people who take B vitamins for a long time have better work efficiency and endurance.

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  B vitamins are mainly found in coarse grains. Black beans and oats are also good choices. Wheat germ has the reputation of being a bird’s nest of a plant. It also contains a full range of nutrients and a high content of B vitamins. You can drink wheat germ in milk and soy milk. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is also a good source of B-group food, which is known as a natural source of B-group vitamins. Drink a cup of warm water every day to make your day full of energy.

  Increase your intake of quality protein

  Protein is the basic substance of life. The lack of protein will cause the decline of various functions of the body, and people will become fatigued. Protein needs to be broken down into amino acids to be absorbed and utilized by the body. Studies have shown that intravenous injection of amino acids can quickly relieve fatigue caused by exercise. Among these amino acids, lysine and methionine are components of antioxidant enzymes, which play an important role in preventing and alleviating fatigue.

  Lysine and methionine are essential amino acids for the human body. Only high-quality protein contains the eight essential amino acids for the human body. High-quality protein is mainly found in animal foods such as lean meat, eggs, and milk. Plant-based foods use the protein contained in wheat germ and soy products as high-quality protein, and these foods do not contain cholesterol, which makes them more secure to eat.

  Increase your vegetable intake

  Vegetables are high potassium and low sodium foods, and potassium is involved in energy metabolism. When the human body develops symptoms such as general weakness, weakened heartbeat, dizziness, and other myocardial blood supply problems, it is often caused by the loss of potassium in cells. The temperature rises in spring, causing potassium loss when sweating. If the body is unable to replenish in time, it will lead to fatigue and burnout.

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  There are many food sources of potassium, and most of the low potassium is caused by “eating imbalance”. If you focus on meat in your diet and eat less vegetables, you will be deficient in potassium. You can increase your intake of vegetables in moderation. Eat more leafy vegetables. Spinach, parsley, rapeseed, and celery are all high potassium foods.

  In addition to dietary adjustments, exercise should also increase. Although most people don’t like sports in spring, you need to move to change your body’s laziness. Morning and evening, exercise a moderate amount of sweat, such as jogging and aerobics, to improve the brain’s ability to supply oxygen. If the work intensity is high, you can drink scented tea appropriately at 10 noon and 4 pm. The content of caffeine and theophylline in scented tea is higher than that of other tea leaves, and it can also have a refreshing effect.