October 16, 2021

Xiaomi shows a wireless charger that works a few meters away

Xiaomi introduces its Mi Air Charge technology. The Chinese manufacturer claims that wireless charging with a power of 5W is possible at a distance of several meters. The technology would also allow multiple devices to be charged remotely at the same time.

The Mi Air Charge technology makes it possible to wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time while users are gaming or walking, without the need for a holder or charging mat, Xiaomi describes. Smartphones must be provided for wireless charging of beacon and receiving antenna arrays.

The beacon antennas transmit the location to the charging station. The Air Charge charger receives this signal with five antennas and locates the smartphone based on interference. Subsequently, the charger uses beamforming to send signal via millimeter waves to the smartphone with its 144 antennas. The smartphone’s fourteen receiving antennas convert this signal into electricity.

For now, the technique supports charging from a single device or multiple devices at 5W. Physical obstacles would not reduce efficiency, the claim goes. Xiaomi does not yet provide more details about Air Charge.

For example, the company does not specify when a product is ready for sale. Xiaomi does report that the technology will work ‘in the near future’ not only with smartphones but also with smartwatches, smart bracelets and other wearables and that living rooms can ‘soon’ be provided with power supplies for wireless charging.