October 16, 2021

Xiaomi shows ‘waterfall screen’ that curves over four edges of the smartphone

Xiaomi has shown a concept smartphone with a quad-curved waterfall display . The screen extends over all four edges of the smartphone, leaving no room for ports in those edges.

The screen curves around the edges of the smartphone on all sides, but this is not the case at the corners of the device. Those corners are simply black in the examples from Xiaomi. The edges bend at an angle of 88 degrees, just like Oppo’s concept with waterfall screen from 2019. Xiaomi says that the concept brings a ‘screen only’ form factor one step closer to smartphones. The company also speaks of a unibody no-port design because buttons and interfaces are missing from the sides.

The company claims that the functions of physical ports and buttons can be replaced with ‘more elegant alternatives’. The company mentions esim, wireless charging and pressure-sensitive sensors, among other things. In addition, the company speaks of the presence of cameras under the screen.

Xiaomi further emphasizes the difficulties in polishing solid glass that must be bent on four sides. The company claims to use self-developed devices for processing the glass. Xiaomi does not yet give details about a possible release of smartphones with a quad-curved waterfall display. Xiaomi showed the Mi Mix Alpha in 2019, a concept smartphone whose screen was completely curved around the device. Despite previous promises, that smartphone has not appeared .