October 16, 2021

Yellow nails: what they tell us and how to get rid of them

Mainly unsightly, yellow nails are generally not harmful to health. However, they can be indicative of a pathology. But don’t panic: in most cases, they can be treated naturally in just a few days.

The beauty of the hands passes inexorably through the nails. Long and resistant, they are a sign of good health. Conversely, thick, brittle or even yellow, it is proof that something is wrong. What does the yellow nail tell us  ?

Yellow nail – The reasons for yellowing nails

Old age first. The nails change as we get older. And it is not uncommon to see them adorned with a yellow color. It is not necessarily very glamorous we grant you, but inevitable.

Another factor: tobacco. And more particularly because of the nicotine it contains. Rest assured, quitting smoking will restore natural nail color within a few weeks.

Note also that humid environments (swimming pools, showers) favor the development of fungi. Mainly on the toes, but the hands are not always spared.

The yellow toenail can come from a fungal infection called onychomycosis

Finally, too much use of nail polish , which prevents them from breathing, also promotes yellowing of the nails . Then space each application for one to two days of break. Very dark nail polish can also leave streaks.

To finish on this aspect, the appearance of yellow nails is sometimes explained by the use of false nails or gel. Because the chemicals used promote yellowing and reduce the resistance of the nails.

Hygiene above all

It is perhaps surprising to remember, but essential: having healthy nails requires good hygiene of the hands and the feet.

Namely wash regularly the first several times in the day and dry them.

For the latter, it is also necessary to wash them every day and dry them well, leave them in the open air, change socks daily and wear shoes in your size.

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Finally, do not forget to disinfect your care equipment (nail clippers and files in particular).

Natural methods to treat yellow nails

Grandmother’s remedies for all ills. What could be better than natural products to take care of your nails  ?

  • Castor oil. Renowned for accelerating the growth of hair and nails, it is also known to heal them. You just have to apply it on your nails and leave on for about fifteen minutes.
  • The essential oil of tea tree. A formidable ally in the fight against infections and mycoses. As before, it is applied to the nails, after having been

    previously mixed with a vegetable oil (almond or coconut for example). Massage gently for about ten minutes.

  • The baking soda . Among its 1001 uses, the care of the nails. Dilute two teaspoons in a small bowl of lukewarm water. Soak your fingers in it for several minutes before rinsing with clean water and then drying.
  • The lemon . Same as before: mix the lemon juice in a bowl of lukewarm water and bathe your fingers in it for a few moments. Rinse and pat dry.
  • Orange peel. To stay in citrus, the orange peel, rich in vitamin C, helps whiten the nails. Rub the areas to be treated with the bark (and of course eat the pulp).
  • White vinegar. Apply twice a day to the base of your nails. After a few days or even weeks, they will regain all their health.
  • The apple cider vinegar . It is often seen in natural beauty routines. For nails, just mix a glass with the same amount of lukewarm water and dip your fingers or toes in it. Wait about twenty minutes, rinse and dry.

If the yellow nails persist .

Sometimes yellow nails are not treated naturally. They are then only the revealer of a pathology that can range from psoriasis to diabetes, including jaundice, tuberculosis, sinusitis or thyroid problems.

If the yellowing is accompanied by other signals (change in shape or thickness of the nail, swelling, bleeding, pain, infection) it may be ”  yellow nail syndrome  “.

While it is very rare, doctors are still struggling to explain its origin. It is in any case necessary to consult a specialist if you have the symptoms.