October 16, 2021

Your next meat or steak could be 3D printed !!

Redefine  Says that its meat replicates the texture, smell and taste of animal protein from natural and sustainable ingredients.
  • Redefines proposes a new meat alternative that is printed with 3D technology
  • The Israeli-born startup will seek to introduce its product in restaurants before the end of 2020
  • Global plant-based meat market is worth more than $ 13.310 billion

It is a fact that consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to eat, it is not just a trend, it already has an impact on the markets, companies such as Beyond Meat , Impossible Foods, Nestlé or Tyson already offer substitutes for meat of animal origin.

We are talking about a market that constantly adds proposals and innovations, one is related to 3D printing technology , and promises to revolutionize the food industry.

Creating a new market

This takes shape with a startup called Redefine that proposes a new meat alternative based on ingredients of plant origin but, as an added and distinctive value, it is that it is printed with 3D technology.

According to information from the company , they have managed to replicate the texture, smell and taste of animal protein from natural and sustainable ingredients . This was achieved by combining proprietary modeling, food formulations and food printing technology.

The result is a new category of complex matrix “meat” in a cost-effective and scalable way. They emphasize that their product has a 95 percent lower environmental impact , this is to consider other characteristics for the benefit of the consumer’s health.

In this regard, reports released this year refer that the Israeli-born startup will seek to introduce its “Alt-Steak” in high-end restaurants before the end of 2020, in addition to having prospects to launch its 3D printers in meat distributors next year .

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Although it is not the only company that works with 3D technology, since firms such as KFC already have a project that seeks to produce chicken nuggets made using this type of process, the reality is that Redefine seeks to be a pioneer in a new market that, By consolidating, it will give you a competitive advantage.

A Consumer Who Can Adopt

Certainly this type of innovative proposals respond to the own demand and demand of people who every day look for more healthy and sustainable alternatives to eat.

In this regard, according to Nielsen, vegetarians and omnivores who seek to reduce their consumption of meat proteins represent 98 percent of the buyers of these substitutes.

In this sense, it is worth noting that, Statista estimates suggest that the global market for plant-based meats will go from 13 thousand 310 million dollars forecast at the end of 2020, to exceed 26 thousand million dollars in five years; it will almost double in value in this time frame.