October 24, 2021

YouTube is blocking new iOS feature

Last week, Apple launched its latest version of iOS for iPhone and iPad. One of the news is that you can now use a picture-in-picture feature when watching video.

But if you plan to watch YouTube while browsing your browser, for example, a surprise awaits.

It turns out that YouTube blocks the function if you have not subscribed to the Premium version of the video service, MacRumors reports .

Below is an example of a user who shows the problem via a twitter message:


Does not work with Safari

The idea with the picture-in-picture function is that you should be able to let a video scroll and go in a smaller window while using the browser for other things such as email, chat or surfing.

The function requires that you open up the video in the iPhone browser Safari, but even when you do so, the Youtube playback fails when you try to turn it into a small image.

The selection should appear when you select the picture-in-picture icon at the top of the screen while watching YouTube via the browser. Then the video is returned to full screen before it is immediately minimized to traditional viewing.

If you try to return to the home screen, picture-in-picture mode flashes quickly before disappearing.

Must have YouTube Premium

However, the new iOS 14 feature works for anyone who pays for the Premium YouTube subscription. YouTube has not commented on the matter, but it is natural to assume that they have actively blocked non-paying users from watching videos outside of YouTube’s own website.

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Several users write that the function should have worked during beta testing of iOS 14, without you having to have Premium. But as soon as iOS 14 was officially launched last week, it no longer worked.