October 24, 2021

Zoom: end-to-end encryption soon, for enhanced confidentiality?

Zoom, the video-on-demand service whose popularity has exploded in

2020, is launching end-to-end encryption of video communications on its platform next week, the company announced on Wednesday, October 14.

After long being criticized for its flaws in computer security and data collection, this is the app’s latest effort to restore its image. Next week, other features will also be rolled out like OnZoom. We explain to you.

End-to-end encryption, finally

During the lockdown, Zoom’s popularity exploded. And so were the criticisms

, especially with regard to the data collected and several weaknesses that could be exploited by potential hackers. We also remember the “Zoom Bombing” – the eruption in the middle of a videoconference to prevent the smooth running of it.

Several measures have been taken. In September, for example, the

American company finally announced the possibility of enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on its service .

End-to-end encryption is therefore the second step in this

process of improving security. With this technique, theoretically, only the participants can have access to the exchanges that take place during a meeting. Neither Zoom, nor ISPs or a third party entity, can access the content of the exchanges, even if the data security of the platform is compromised. This protection is now used by apps like Signal or Telegram.

A first immediate version, the final version to come

From next week, therefore, Zoom users will be able to

manually activate this encryption, both on the paid and free mode of the platform and on any device.

However, Zoom specifies that this is a first version still being improved. If end-to-end encryption is enabled,

the site explains, it will come at the expense of certain features like surveys, live chat or the use of emojis.

At the same time, Zoom announces some new features on its platform. We

note in particular OnZoom and Zapps. The first is a kind of platform for selling virtual tickets for video events, aimed at companies in the sector. The second, Zapps, is a real application store integrated into the Zoom ecosystem. Both will initially be launched in beta version across the Atlantic, but clearly show the ambitions of the service.

Source: Zoom

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