October 24, 2021

Australian laser can push space debris out of orbit

The Australian EOS, together with the Space Environment Research Center, has developed a laser that can push space debris out of orbit. It would be the first laser that can effectively change the course of space junk.

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According to EOS , it took seven years to develop the laser. Now the researchers have managed to use a star guide laser to target space debris and push the object out of orbit.

The laser is located in Canberra and is part of the Mt Stromio observatory. A Channel 9 broadcast shows how the laser is activated, although the visible laser is only the laser that determines the position of the piece of space junk. When the piece of space junk to be pushed away is found, a second laser is activated and nudges the object.

Space debris is a growing problem, according to EOS. It is estimated that nearly 130 million objects orbit the Earth. This waste poses a risk to satellites and the International Space Station, for example. With this laser, debris that appears to be colliding with a satellite or the ISS could be pushed out of orbit to prevent damage.