October 22, 2021

Microsoft listed ‘Xbox One’ in Windows Subsystem for Android system requirements

The Windows Subsystem for Android app, which can be found in the Microsoft Store and ensures that Windows 11 can run Android apps, may also be coming to Xbox consoles. In the app’s system requirements, “Xbox One” was in the OS field.

Windows Subsystem Android on Xbox

That piece of text can no longer be found on the Store page of the application, but XDA Developers saw it in time and Eurogamer publishes a screenshot of it. This app can be installed on Windows 10, but cannot be started.

Microsoft has not officially said anything about support for Android apps on Xbox consoles and it may have been a bug. An obvious reason to support Android apps on Xbox consoles is to give users the ability to play the games that platform offers.

What is certain is that Windows 11 will get support for Android apps. A few days ago, however, it was announced that that support will not be in the first release version of Windows 11, which will see the light of day on October 5. Instead, the functionality will remain in the testing phase for a while, in the Insider version of the OS. It is not known when the subsystem will actually be released. It is already clear that the apps will be delivered via the Amazon Appstore.