Android seems to get a pop-up menu to switch Bluetooth devices

Android appears to be getting a pop-up menu that will allow users to switch the active connection of Bluetooth devices. Now users have to enter the settings for this. It is one of several discoveries in the code of the new beta of the next feature drop.

The Bluetooth toggle will have an arrow to indicate that the pop-up menu is available is, as reported by Android Police. A menu will then appear with all available Bluetooth devices, after which users can choose which connection is the active one for the input and output of audio, for example.

The site found more hidden features in the beta of the next quarterly release of Android 14 for the Pixel phones. For example, there will be a way to toggle notifications from apps if there are messages keep coming in. There will also be a better layout for the notification panel in landscape, which will have multiple columns with the upgrade. This has been on tablets for some time and is now also available for phones. In addition, for users of languages ​​with gender-specific words, such as French, there will be an option in settings for how apps should address users: male, female or with neutral words.