Google is experimenting with ChromeOS on Android smartphones

Google is testing the possibility of running the ChromeOS operating system on Android smartphones. This requires a special version of the open source variant ChromiumOS, which runs on a virtual machine via the Android Virtualization Framework on a smartphone.

The functionality was demonstrated at a Google event, according to describes Android Authority. Google is said to have run the special version of the operating system codenamed ‘ferrochrome’ via a VM on a Pixel 8 smartphone. The software was not visible on the screen of the smartphone itself, but on an external screen, which, according to the medium, has recently become possible with the Pixel 8 series. The AVF system was previously also used to run Windows on an Android smartphone.

For the time being, it appears to be an experiment without concrete plans from Google to release the PC operating system for smartphones. In recent years, the company made certain features of Android and ChromeOS interchangeable, including enabling Android apps on Chromebooks.