Micron releases first Lpcamm2 memory modules in 32GB and 64GB

Micron has released its first Lpcamm2 memory modules. The ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 from Lenovo is the first laptop to use the Crucial Lpcamm2 memory. The modules are based on Lpddr5x memory and available in 32GB and 64GB versions.

The Lpcamm2 memory modules from Micron are dual-channel modules with a 128-bit interface. The modules offer speeds of up to 7500MT/s, with a peak bandwidth of 120GB/s. The 32GB variant of the Lpcamm2 module costs $174.99. The 64GB version costs $329.99.

Lpcamm2 uses Lpddr5x technology, but is modular compared to Lpddr5x. While the memory is traditionally soldered to the motherboard, Micron’s Lpcamm2 modules can be removed and replaced by being attached with screws.

The maximum speeds of Lpcamm2 modules are currently slightly lower than that of Lpddr5x, which have a speed of up to 8533MT/ s. Micron expects according to AnandTech however, Lpcamm2 modules will be available in 2026 with speeds up to 9600MT/s.