Dutch repair chain Fixers has filed for bankruptcy

The Dutch repair shop chain Fixers filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday due to ‘disappointing results’. The company is investigating whether a restart is possible. The chain had eight stores in the Randstad and was certified for Apple and Samsung products.

Fixers said in February that it had to stop growth plans and first want to make the existing stores profitable. “Unfortunately, despite all kinds of initiatives, this did not work out”, the company reports. ‘Cost-cutting measures’ had already been implemented, but because of an ‘impending liquidity problem’ and concerns about the possibility of black figures, the company decided to apply for suspension of payments earlier this week. This has now been granted; now the company wants to convert this into bankruptcy.

Customers could have smartphones, tablets, laptops and consoles repaired at Fixers. The company also buys old appliances and sells refurbished appliances. These devices were sold in the physical stores, but also in the web shop. Incidentally, despite the filed for bankruptcy, it still seems possible to purchase products via that web shop. The physical locations of refurbished Apple device seller Swoop over . At the time, Fixers expressed the ambition to become a nationally known repairman. The company said in February suffered from inflation and reduced consumer spending. In the last six months of 2022, the company had a turnover of 1.2 million euros and a gross EBITDA loss of 935,100 euros.